Founder of Sinet Spark, CEO & Founder of inDriver.
inDriver, launched in 2013 in Yakutsk, over the next 7 years has developed into a global unicorn company.
Arsen Tomsky
Programs and projects of Sinet Spark are aimed at improving the quality of life of unprivileged communities around the world. Having begun with programs for the development of Yakutia, the foundation will gradually spread its activity to many other regions and countries.

The strategy of Sinet Spark is the search, generation and distribution of innovative ideas, knowledge and technologies. Through this, we dream and firmly intend to have a positive influence on the whole world. The basic instrument for Sinet Spark is the combination of new technologies, achievements of science, engineering and art with entrepreneur and creative energy of talented youth.

In its work, Sinet Spark collaborates with state, public, scientific, commercial and other organizations. At the same time all projects and programs of Sinet Spark are fully funded by personal, non-governmental sources - my own donations and donations of my team and friends.

Sinet Spark's work is based on principles of Sinet Team.
About us
Sinet Spark Foundation is a non-profit project and educational organization from the coldest inhabited region in the world, Yakutia. In the future Sinet Spark will become a digital project university.
OUR MISSION: To develop the world through revelation of creative and intellectual potential of underprivileged communities
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