Sinet Sakhawood
In Yakutia, without any support, a small, but very active and successful film industry has developed, where about 10-15 films are shot per year. A characteristic feature of "Sakhawood", as many began to call this industry, is a very unusual atmosphere of film works, their originality and depth. Interestingly, almost all of the work pays off commercially, largely due to the unprecedented low budgets - at the level of $30,000-60,000.
Sinet Sakhawood is a grant and investment program that has been operating since 2019 and is aimed at supporting Yakut filmmakers and animators. First of all, projects that motivate viewers to develop or have an export potential in relation to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are supported. The competition for funding is held once a year.
Anastasiia Ammosova
Project manager
Within the framework of Sinet Sakhawood, filmmakers are allocated both grants and returnable investments. Return on investment aims to create a self-sustaining system, where the funds returned from successful film projects are directed to new grants and investments of filmmakers. Film projects are also allocated free advertising volumes on the republic's largest media platform Ykt.Ru. The program is being implemented within the framework of Sinet Spark's activities to develop the creative economy of Yakutia.
The program is being implemented as part of Sinet Spark's activities to develop the creative economy of Yakutia.
With the support of Sinet SakhaWood, several films and a YouTube animated series were released on large screens. Such as "Scarecrow" directed by Dmitry Davydova, "Private Cherin" directed by Nyurgun Ivanova, "Beibarikeen-2" directed by Konstantin Timofeeva.
Among the film projects supported by Sinet Sakhawood is the film "Scarecrow" by Dmitry Davydov, which won the Grand Prix of the main Russian film festival "Kinotavr" in 2020.
Shooting of the new film "Songs of Summer" by Dmitry Davydov, supported by Sinet Sakhawood
Filming of the film "Bihigi kyhymmyt" (Our Winter), which will be released on November, 2021
Shooting of the film "Helicopter" by Mikhail Lukachevsky
The animated series Kulunchuktar, directed by 18-year-old Duolan and 15-year-old Aisen with the support of his family. The animated series shows the everyday life of the ordinary Yakut family Alasov. The main characters are the twin foals Saryial and Sardaana. They are 3.5 years old. In the film, the stallions open up and learn about the world around them.
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