Landfill Fires
Constant fires at the Yakutsk landfill have turned into a severe problem that significantly worsens citizens' quality of life. The massive volumes of smoke emitted during combustion contain a range of toxic substances that damage the health of many people. Due to the large size of the landfill, it is challenging to detect fires quickly. This problem leads to an increase in the area of fires and toxic emissions.
To date, the landfill is overcrowded due to an increase in the amount of waste coming in. The landfill has 450,000 tons; as of 1 January 2021, there are 710,714 tons of garbage. Landfill overflow contributes to the spontaneous combustion of waste. Waste fires occur during the rotting process and the release of biogas, which reacts with oxygen to ignite a fire.
To counteract this problem, Sinet Spark will install a 30-meter tower on the landfill territory, equipped with a system of circular video and thermal imaging camera with data transmission to the dispatch rooms of the relevant services. This solution should help to identify fire sources at an early stage, which will help to extinguish them faster.
Vyacheslav Argunov
Project manager
Sinet Spark signed a contract for the construction of a tower at the Yakutsk garbage dump.
The system will allow you to quickly respond to a fire at a landfill, which will reduce the release of toxic smoke.
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk,
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