Anti-dust program
The program is designed to identify the main factors of dustiness in Yakutsk in the warm season and to take a set of measures to reduce the problem through scientific research.
Nurguyana Efremova
Project manager
Dust, in addition to a negative aesthetic moment, is a danger to human health. Particularly dangerous is fine dust that gets through the respiratory system into the vital organs of a person and can cause serious diseases. All residents of the city, without exception, are subject to the negative influence of dust.

The program started in 2019.

In Yakutsk, studies are being carried out to determine the amount and chemical composition of dust and the causes of dustiness in the city. The main conclusion of the study: the main reason for the increased dust in Yakutsk is the type of soil in the city and its surroundings, as well as the influence of global and local anthropogenic factors on its degradation. Sandy-clay soils, which are common in Yakutsk, tend to turn to dust if they dry and bare.
In general, air pollution in Yakutsk constantly exceeds sanitary standards: in summer - 2.1 times, in winter - 1.6 times. Toxic smoke from forest fires has been added to the dust problem in recent years.

As part of the Dust Control Program, Sinet Spark started a project to introduce an air quality monitoring system in Yakutsk. The main goal is to see the air quality that we breathe.

Sinet Spark has installed three public air quality sensors in Yakutsk. They are registered on the IQAir AirVisual Pro platform, which is one of the world's largest air quality monitoring communities. The results of the data can be seen online on the main news portal of Yakutia.
This year Yakutsk ranked first in the ranking of cities with the dirtiest air in Russia. According to the site, air pollution on 18 July was 73 times higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline. The maximum value was fixed at two o'clock in the morning - 1371 AQI.
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