One of the basic directions of the work of "Sinet Spark" is the development of a strong technology hub in Yakutia, which is competitive not only at the Russian but also at the international level. This is due both to the fact that Sinet Team emerged from the IT sphere, and, in general, to the prospects of IT for the region's economy as a real alternative to the field of the exploitation of natural resources as it stagnates in the future. This is confirmed by the examples of the large-scale success of the Yakut companies inDriver and MYTONA, which created truly global businesses while in Yakutia.
Sinet Team has been developing Yakut IT for a long time, starting with the technopark "Three Valleys" on the basis of the Yakut State University in 2007-2009, then through the educational projects BeginIT since 2012 and Smart since 2015, as well as supporting various competitions, contests, hackathons and other specialized events in the region.
Aleksandra Kozulina
Project manager
Yakutia2World started in 2021 with an acceleration program and grant and investment support for Yakut IT startups and export-oriented companies. Program website: yakutia2world.com
Sinet Spark grants were awarded in five areas: Natural Products, Northern Element, IT, Impact Businesses, and Tourism. The winner in each nomination received $ 10,000.

In the direction of "Natural products" the grant was awarded to the company for processing and preserving berries, fruits and vegetables SPoK "Tirekh" under the leadership of Antonida Barashkova.

In the nomination "Northern Element" the grant was received by Alexey Otukov's company Yakut Siberian knife. The team promotes Yakut knives to the international market.

Among "IT", an application that helps women lose weight received grant support. It was developed by the BodyLine company under the leadership of Gavril Vinokurov. A series of marathons was successfully sold not only in Yakutia, but also in Buryatia.

In the category "Impact-businesses", the SCIBERIA company of Igor Savvin received a grant from Sinet Spark. The team has developed and implemented software in several clinics in Yakutsk, which allows automatic data processing and several times reduces the burden on doctors and provides a convenient monitoring system for clinic managers.

In the category "Tourism" the owner of the grant was the company "Yakutia Travel" of Alena Filippova and Ilya Otukov. The company offers individual and group tours in Yakutia - rafting, fishing, car tours, excursions.

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