Star Team
As stated in the introduction to this website, Yakutia faces very serious problems caused by the ongoing technological revolution, the world's withdrawal from hydrocarbons, global warming and other fundamental factors. Yakutia should be able to provide a strong response to these challenges. And we are sure that this will be an intelligent response.
We launched the "Star Team" program hoping to train the smartest and the most talented children from Yakutia to reach the level of first-class professionals and ask them to help their homeland in the future in a fight against these challenges, to help with the development of Yakutia and improve life in it.
Anastasiia Ammosova
Project manager
"Star Team" is a first pilot project. We have selected ten talented high school students in Yakutsk schools, who, with the support of experienced advisers, will begin to prepare to enter top universities of the world, such as Harvard or Yale, Sorbonne and Oxford. We hope to fully prepare them for this ambitious goal through personal growth, learning foreign languages, developing skills, gaining new knowledge, through social and sports activities, and through helping those in need. The project started in 2019. The target year of admission is 2023. Based on the results of the admission, a decision will be made on further actions for the development of the "Star Team" program. Program website:
Star Team members took part in one of Sinet Spark's projects "No Garbage" on garbage collection in the forest.
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk,
203 microdistrict, building 28, office 103