No Garbage Project
Sinet Team started the ecological project "No Garbage" back in 2012 with volunteers organizing garbage collection in nature near Yakutsk.
Nurguyana Efremova
Project manager
Currently, the project monitors garbage dumps and unauthorized dumps outside Yakutsk (, Sinet Spark identifies the culprits of unauthorized construction waste dumps, finances their removal, and continues clean-ups with garbage collection by caring people. Information campaigns are being conducted with the aim of forming a public rejection of environmental pollution.
On May 29, the first volunteer clean-up day of this season was held within the project "No to garbage" by Sinet Spark. More than a hundred people went to the Magansky highway and collected garbage accumulating there for years. In total, volunteers collected more than 373 bags and 93 cubic meters of waste.
On June 19, eighty-three volunteers became participants of the second clean-up day of the Sinet Spark project "No garbage". Eco-activists, social activists, and just not indifferent citizens went to the Namtsyrsky tract and collected garbage left by citizens after picnics. Volunteers collected more than 320 bags (80 cubic meters) and ten cubic meters of large-sized waste.
Signed Spark announced a contest for the best social video in March of this year. Its main goal is to show the severity of littering the Yakut nature, possible ways to solve it and reduce the amount of garbage in the city's vicinity.

Littering of territories is a big environmental problem for the whole world. Garbage pollutes not only the soil and water but can also cause fires, the death of animals. Sinet Spark funds the removal of about six thousand cubic meters of industrial and construction waste from suburban forests.

According to the competition results, the winner was Vyacheslav Dyachkovsky from the village of Bolugur of the Amginsky ulus. Vyacheslav showed the future of Yakutia, where people still honor their traditions but could not cope with garbage.

The team of Yuri Romanov and Georgy Matveev also became the winners of the competition. The creative group showed an example when vacationers leave garbage in nature, afraid to dirty their car. They showed an unconscious attitude when people do not think about the consequences and shift responsibility to others.

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