Yakutsk Half-Marathon
In 2016, Sinet Team, together with Viktor Saltykov, an entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, initiated and organized the first Yakutsk Half-Marathon. Since then, we have been a partner of this wonderful sporting event, which attracts more and more participants every year.
In 2017, the second Yakut half-marathon took place. It was attended by 417 participants, 315 of whom finished.
485 people ran the Yakutsk Half Marathon - 2018. White Nights. The large-scale sports event started at midnight - the participants ran through the night streets of the city. The race was attended by 485 people. The youngest participants in the race were 7 year old children, and the oldest runner was 73 years old.
In 2019, 1,011 participants registered for the half marathon. Of these, 879 runners came to the race - 777 adults and 102 children. The runners started at exactly midnight. Many people remember the participant who ran the distance in a funny dinosaur costume.
For the first time in 2019, an inclusive race took place. Eleven para-athletes took part in the half marathon, along with 12 attendants.
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk,
203 microdistrict, building 28, office 103