Dome technologies
Cold is perhaps the most significant factor that negatively affects the quality of people's lives in Yakutia and other regions of the world located in extremely low temperatures. In Yakutia, winter temperature drops to -60°С (-76°F) and below.
Sinet Spark started working on this problem by testing dome technologies. In 2019, over a typical wooden residential house in the suburbs of Yakutsk, was installed a 20-meter-diameter dome with a total weight of 6 tons. The experiment is conducted jointly with scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University. They study the influence of the technology on the composition, temperature, and other indicators of air, changes in the permafrost under the house, and the dome.
Ivan Gavrilev
Project manager
In 2021, Sinet Spark and the Fullerdome company from St. Petersburg, which produced the first dome, will erect a new larger dome over a sports and children's playground in Oktemtsy, 50 kilometers from Yakutsk.
Following stages in the "Extreme cold" program may include testing of covered passages between multistory buildings, mobile car garages, personal anti-cold devices or clothing, and means of rescuing people who find themselves in an emergency in the condition of severe cold.
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