Sinet Spark: assistance in combating forest fires has been provided to 11 districts of Yakutia

Forest Fires
In the summer of 2021 in Yakutia, for the first time in the last 150 years of meteorological observations, there was an abnormal heat and a record drought, which caused large-scale forest fires. In July, Sinet Spark announced that the districts that are combating the fire will receive assistance in the amount of up to 30 million rubles. These days, the results of the work were summed up.

On July 8, letters were sent to the administrations of 15 districts on the gratuitous transfer of equipment with targeted use for monitoring, detection and elimination of forest fires to the districts of the republic. According to the applications received, 11 districts received assistance from Sinet Spark: Khangalassky, Gorny, Nyurbinsky, Olekminsky, Kobyaisky, Suntarsky, Verkhneviluysky, Tomponsky, Namsky, Ust-Aldansky and Oymyakonsky districts.

"More than 20 motor pumps, 25 quadrocopters, 20 satellite phones with SIM cards, 10 GPS navigators, 70 portable radio sets, 20 generators, 70 chainsaws, 350 Ermak knapsack fire extinguishers, 140 sets of specialized clothing, 350 respirators, 150 goggles, 200 shovels, six plows, also high-pressure fire-fighting installations and much more have been purchased and provided to the districts by our fund," commented Anastasia Ammosova, project manager.

Sinet Spark expresses special gratitude to an entrepreneur Ivan Ivanov, who helped with the purchase and organization of delivery of quadrocopters from Moscow, and to the staff of the State Variety Theater of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) named after Y.E. Platonov.

On July 9, the first application was sent to Sinet Spark by the administration of the Khangalassky district. The head of the Unified Duty and Dispatch Service of the Khangalassky district, Dulustan Andreev, thanked for the help, emphasizing its relevance: "Compared to last year, we have three times more fires, this is mainly due to the dry summer."

According to data at the end of July, underground fires raged on the territory of the Oymyakonsky district, which were difficult to extinguish. On July 31, the district received the necessary equipment from Sinet Spark.

"Our area is difficult to reach. During the fires, when there was non-flying weather, it was mainly the local population that was involved. Assistance in the form of quadrocopters, radio stations is a very necessary thing for us to assess the scale, the area of fires. I want to thank on behalf of all residents, on my own behalf, the Sinet Spark Foundation, the whole team and personally Arsen Tomsky for their help," said a representative of the administration of the Oymyakonsky district.

"On behalf of the entire population of the Tomponsky district, we express our gratitude that you help those who extinguish fires, who work on the ground. Yesterday they moved a tractor to us to make a mineralized strip, but the forest is burning, it's still very dangerous. They promised another helicopter, we are still waiting. Everyone helps: local people work, you help us, the government also does not leave us. Thank you all very much," the representative of the administration of the Tomponsky district thanked.

"We express our great gratitude from the heads of the regions for your invaluable assistance in extinguishing forest fires on the territory of Suntarsky district in the conditions of the most difficult forest fire situation (as of August 12, 104 forest fires were registered in the area). In addition, your help will contribute to the further consolidation of the public of Suntarsky district, will become a shining example for everyone in rallying in the face of a real threat to settlements and the nature of our native republic," said Stepan Ivanov, a confidant of the Bordonsky region administration.

"On behalf of the residents of Namsky district, we express our sincere gratitude to the Sinet Spark Fund in the person of Anastasia Ammosova, who supervises the project, for an invaluable contribution to the preservation of the forestry of Namsky district. Your contribution will increase the effectiveness of fighting forest fires," the head of the district, Yuri Sleptsov, thanked.

The total amount for 11 applications of Yakutian districts amounted to more than 15 million rubles. The remaining funds from the declared amount will be spent on a research center that will work in an in-depth study of the problem of forest fires and permafrost melting. Sinet Spark intends to support scientific research, engineering developments and startups aimed at preventing and combating forest fires, such as, for example, fire-fighting drones or satellite systems for recognizing forest fires.

More information about the possibility of cooperation can be found on the website of the foundation "Sinet Spark".