The largest running event in Yakutia, Sinet Team Yakutsk Marathon, is finally here!

As many as 1003 adults and 100 children took part in the race in Yakutsk on the night of July 3. The kids ran 0.5 kilometers, while the adults were offered several options: 5 kilometers, 10.5 kilometers, 21.1 kilometers, and 42.2 kilometers.

Out of them, 134 people tested their strength by running 42.2 km, and 117 of these 134 made it to the finish line. The absolute winner of the first marathon was Nikolay Pestryakov. He covered the distance in 02:56:36.97. Among the female runners, Lydia Popova had no equal. Her time was 03:04:16.63.

Vladimir Timofeyev (02:56:38.77), Sergey Stepanov (02:56:43.71) and Nikolay Drugin (02:58:10.23) also managed to complete their 42.2 km run in less than 3 hours.
The summer running festival was vibrant and fun. Some participants wore unusual costumes, adding even more color to the event. Among the runners, you could spot an Indian, a clowness, a bride, an angel, and other eye-catching characters.

The first Yakutsk marathon was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Yakut ASSR. The event was organized by Viktor Saltykov (CEO of Fitness Life), and its title sponsor was our association, Sinet Team. Both organizations are the founders of the Yakut Half Marathon, which has been held in Yakutsk since 2016. The marathon was also supported by the District Administration of Yakutsk and the Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports.

We hope that Sinet Team Yakutsk Marathon was a source of unforgettable emotions and inspired the residents of Yakutia to reach new heights.

Photos: Anton Kondratiev