Hello to Luke Skywalker! Cosplayers from Yakutia recreate legendary Star Wars droids and ship

Cosplayers recreated the famous C-3PO and R2-D2, and also recorded a video message to the Star Wars fans and Mark Hamill.

Starfighter landing

At the beginning of October, a new spacecraft appeared in Yakutsk on the territory of the Urdel recreation park. The famous Luke Skywalker starfighter from the Star Wars universe was created by a team of cosplayers from Yakutia under the leadership of Ayaal Fedorov.

“We have been working on the creation of this ship all summer,” says Ayaal Fedorov. We tried to make it as detailed as possible. It is completely made of wood, and it is very heavy. One day, during a break between painting, one of the cables on which the ship was suspended broke. We were in another room and were very scared when we heard the loud sound of falling. But it turned out that the structure withstood and was not seriously damaged.

This time, it was decided to install a starfighter next to the forest and strengthen the base so that it could withstand even strong gusts of wind (the previous copy of the ship from the TV-series "Mandalorian" was blown away by the wind on April 3 of this year. It was also installed in the Urdel Park - ed.).

Hello to Luke Skywalker!

After the construction of the "Mandalorian" ship, the whole country learned about Ayaal Fedorov's team. The guys want to reach the international level with a new project and, if possible, contact a legendary actor Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker. To achieve this they recorded a video message in the self-made costumes in front of the starfighter. The guys exclusively provided their video to News.Ykt.Ru.

Favorite characters

The authors of the project decided not to stop at copies of starships, but also to recreate the heroes of the famous saga.

"We are big fans of superhero and fantasy universes and we make costumes and sculptures of superheroes for various events. Together with the guys, we wanted to shoot a YouTube video, some kind of a Star Wars fan art, where the film and TV series heroes meet on the same planet. Therefore, in addition to ships, we also needed characters. That's why we got to work - we made a Luke Skywalker costume and R2-D2 and C-3PO robots," Ayaal shared.

Ayaal Fedorov's team tried to make costumes screen-accurate. The jumpsuit and helmet of the fighter pilot seem to be taken from the set of the famous saga.

"R2-D2 is a radio-controlled model. Our programmer Arsen worked on the computer stuffing. To make this robot, we used motherboards and toy cars motors. The upper part of the droid rotates, as in the movie, it makes a lot of sounds, communicates with others," explains Ayaal.

The C-3PO suit turned out to be modular, each element is worn separately. Only a very small person can fit inside it, so for a photoshoot near the ship, Ayaal called his friend Djulus for assistance. During the filming, he pretty much froze.

"We were shooting on the street, and you can't wear a lot of clothes under a suit, just a sweater, and a T-shirt. In addition, the gloves are very thin, so my fingers quickly froze. But Djulus never complained, then told me that he turned on his tough village mode. He was very pleased," said Fedorov, smiling.

Very soon, Yakutsk citizens will be able to meet famous droids on the street. According to legend, robots got lost on an unknown planet and are looking for their ship. It will be possible to take pictures with cosplayers.

"Secret developments"

Currently, there are six people in the cosplayers' team. According to Ayaal, they bonded over while working together and now are full of enthusiasm.

To create their costumes, cosplayers use a variety of materials: wood, leather, EVA foam (foam or foamiran - foamed material, widely used in needlework - ed.), and much more. Sometimes even water pipes come in handy. The guys jokingly call themselves "price experts" - they have visited almost all the shops in the city and know exactly where you can get cheaper materials.

This year, Ayaal Fedorov took part in the Sinet Spark project YaBlogger (short for Yakutian Blogger), created to support Yakut bloggers in reaching Russian and foreign audiences in order to stimulate this branch of the creative economy in the region. The young man received 1.5 million rubles for the development of his business.

Cosplayers are not going to stop there. The team already has several ideas from the famous fantasy universes in their plans. But for now, they don't want to reveal all their secrets. "Follow my Instagram, and maybe soon one of your favorite characters will appear there," concluded Ayaal Fedorov.


Source: News.Ykt.Ru