List of winners: Yakut bloggers receive development grant from Sinet Spark

Sinet Spark has launched a new YaBlogger project (shortened form of Yakutian Blogger) to support Yakut bloggers in reaching Russian and foreign audiences in order to stimulate this branch of the creative economy in the region. After all, even one successful millionaire blogger can generate millions of dollars in revenue, create dozens of jobs, pay taxes, and through all this develop and stimulate the local economy. This is not counting the effect of popularization of Yakutia in the world, its unique culture and nature, which leads to the development of inbound tourism.

In January-May of this year, more than 40 Yakut bloggers had the opportunity to take training courses for the development of their projects — YouTube courses from the famous Russian blogger Marina Mogilko and Rising SMM from Median School. According to the results of the acceleration program, eight bloggers who presented the most interesting and promising projects will receive financial support from Sinet Spark fund for their development. The projects turned out to be so interesting that instead of the originally planned five million rubles, the total amount of grant support will be more than six million rubles.

Ayaal Fedorov - 1.5 million rubles: the world of cosplay

Not only local media, but also foreign ones write about Yakut cosplayer Ayaal Fedorov. A life-size replica of the spaceship from the TV series "Mandalorian", installed in Yakutsk on the Hill of Love, is now a favorite place of rest for fans of "Star Wars". Ayaal has been fond of cosplay since childhood, he became seriously interested in superheroes in 2015, when he returned from the army. His subscribers are interested in everything the Yakut craftsman does.

I think that Yakut bloggers have something to offer the world — we have harsh living conditions, but at the same time we are on par with everyone thanks to technology. You can create a costume with your own hands both in Yakutsk and in America, distance does not matter, the main thing is dedication. Due to the large numbers of orders we received, we had little time left for blogging, because it requires a lot of effort and time. My followers are interested in the process of work, the result, they want to see with their own eyes each stage of work. I have many international followers because superhero fans are everywhere. I would like to express my gratitude to Sinet Spark and personally to Arsen Tomsky for their support. We feel a great responsibility because we can say that we are pioneers and it is up to us how the YaBlogger project will develop further.
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Ruslan Ochirov - 1.5 million rubles: tests in Yakut conditions

Ruslan Ochirov's video about launching a car at -50 degrees via Webasto has gained more than two million views. His blogs are based on testing off: road vehicles, fishing, and beautiful places of Yakutia.

In Yakutia, we, bloggers, somehow were on our own, everyone created their own content and promoted it. The development of the channel went on, but slowly. In a couple of months in the Sinet Spark acceleration program, I gained more knowledge than in the previous couple of years when I was alone. I am glad that I was on the list of winners, this is a very powerful support, a kind of push to create something new. There are a lot of thoughts in my head, but there is already a feeling that this is the beginning of a large-scale project.
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Natalia Okoneshnikova — 760 thousand rubles: starting a YouTube channel

Almost all Yakutsk housewives cook using Natalia Okoneshnikova's recipes. Her books are sold in large numbers.

Many thanks to Sinet Spark and personally to Arsen for the opportunity to get a new experience. It often happens that bloggers are asked for something, it might be posts, ads, help, or advice. We were never asked if we needed support. I plan to use the grant I won to develop my YouTube content. I think that the Instagram audience is quite fed up with beautiful photos and it is necessary to expand the circle of its subscribers, and on other social platforms tastes are completely different. During the pandemic, social networks have become one of people's favorite leisure activities, because when there is only uncertainty around, you want a piece of positivity, joy. That's what we bloggers are trying to give to our subscribers.
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Olga Ptitsyna — 610 thousand rubles: development of a blog and author's courses

Blogger Olga Ptitsyna once worked at the university, and now her main source of income is her own information product. She is a happy mother, a beloved wife, and lives with her family in a private house.

Blogging is a real job. It is not enough to just hype in our field, you need to constantly monitor your content, develop it, and work on yourself. I have been blogging for many years, sharing with subscribers the secrets of life in a private house, writing about relationships, recipes, travel, motherhood, and love for my loved ones, but only recently I discovered the niche that allows me to earn - this is my own information product. Many people earn money on Instagram by advertising sushi and pizza, but this is a one-time and not on a permanent basis, and creating your own product is something you put your heart and soul into, and something that really helps people. It's not just about money, but also about the mission to make life better. In addition, my blog and the blogs of other life influencers contribute to the creation and maintenance of a favorable image of the republic, which is also important for the business reputation of the region.
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Nikolay Tugen — 300 thousand rubles: experiments with high-tech filming

Nikolay Stepanov specializes in filming of stunning places in Yakutia with the help of drones.

I think aerial photography content is popular in travel blogging because it easily crosses national borders. We have very beautiful views, and from the air they look fantastic. I plan to visit Kisilyakh, and I hope that I will be able to convey the uniqueness of our nature through high-quality video materials. Since the beginning of this year, I started training to pilot a FPV drone to create Cinematic FPV content, this is a new direction of shooting from the air. The quality of the shooting is strikingly different, due to the complexity of assembling and managing such videos, which means that a new direction will find its niche.
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In addition, the following participants received partial support:

Victoria Andreeva — 500 thousand rubles to create an English-language blog about Yakutia

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Bai Balalai — 500 thousand rubles for the expansion of branded formats and projects for an audience outside Yakutia

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Ekaterina Karpukhina — 350 thousand rubles for the project of rafting popular bloggers from Russia on the rivers of Yakutia

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The Yakut Bloggers Support program is aimed at creating blogging businesses that are competitive at the Russian and global levels. The YaBlogger program began in 2021 with the implementation of an acceleration and grant program, in which about 40 Yakut bloggers took part. The program is implemented within the framework of the activities of Sinet Spark for the development of the creative, non-resource economy of Yakutia and is funded entirely from private funds.