Sinet Spark launches food waste recycling project

Waste recycling
In the terms of its activities, Sinet Spark organization pays special attention to the topic of ecology. Since 2019, Sinet Spark team has been running five relevant projects for the republic aimed at finding and implementing technologies that contribute to solving environmental problems. These are projects for monitoring unauthorized landfills and cleaning up the garbage, preventing and combating forest fires, greening the city as part of an anti-dust program, detecting fires in landfills and testing environmentally friendly repellents to repel mosquitoes and midges.

According to the evaluation of some experts, food waste, which is thrown into the landfills in Russia takes about 40% of the total amount of garbage of the country. In order to test technologies for processing food waste and reduce their amount in the landfill, Sinet Spark company launched a joint project with a well-known entrepreneur and eco-activist Irina Matveeva. As part of the project, Irina Matveeva was allocated a grant for the purchase of an industrial composter with a capacity of 200 kg per day.

Irina Matveeva has been dealing with environmental issues for a long time and, in particular, the topic of processing food waste at the city level. For example, in her restaurant "Green City" food waste is composted in 4 household composters. Next, she uses this compost to fertilize the land in her dacha yard.

According to the plan of the project, 10 food service companies in Yakutsk, which have a large amount of food waste, will hand it over for further processing in this composter. Thus, the project will also help to establish cooperation between restaurants and an organization that will be engaged in the processing of food waste. At the same time, with the help of a composter, it is planned to produce organic fertilizers for fertilizing poor soil, which will lead to the intensive growth of plants and garden plantings.

According to the schedule of the realization of the project, the delivery of the composter to Yakutsk is planned for the end of January 2022, and its start-up and output to the planned capacity is scheduled to the end of March 2022.

In case of receiving positive results of the project, Sinet Spark will continue to work on further scaling of the project, which is expected to lead to a decrease in the share of food waste thrown into the landfill of Yakutsk city.