Teaching speech therapists the Camperdown method

Sinet Spark organized the training of a group of speech therapists from Yakutsk the modern Camperdown technique online. After passing the second stage of training, speech therapists will be able to start using this modern technique in their work, which is planned in the second half of 2021.

The program teaches you to talk with less effort and tension and changes the patient's attitude to his problem. During therapy, the patient learns to recognize and prevent acute situations in which a speech defect occurs, or to mitigate symptoms with the help of special techniques.

The Camperdown program was developed at the Australian Stuttering Research Center. Research has shown that this treatment is effective even with remote use. In other words, the doctor and the patient may be located in different cities or even countries. A webcam and the Internet are required for the therapy.

The Camperdown technique requires a lot of effort from a person, but people who have learned this technique believe that it is worth it.

The program consists of four stages:
  • First - the patient is taught the basic skills necessary to participate in the program - the speech therapist evaluates the severity of stuttering, selects a way of speech that will help reduce the problem.
  • Second - the training is aimed at improving the naturalness and fluency of speech.
  • Third - new speech skills are used during everyday conversations.
  • Fourth - a person is taught how to maintain control over his stuttering for a long time.

All stages pass sequentially, that is, they move on to the next one only after the previous one is completed. In case of difficulties, you can always return to the previous level.

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