Yakut film “Scarecrow” was included in the program of the American film festival Palm Springs

Sinet Sakhawood
Yakut film “Scarecrow” was included in the program of the prestigious film festival Palm Springs which will be held from 7 to 17 January, 2022 in the USA (California), according to the PR manager of the film Lara Pavlova.

One of the biggest festivals of the USA Palm Springs starts for the 33 time. It traditionally gathers viewers from all over America and filmmakers from all over the world. Yakut film “Scarecrow” by producer Dmitry Davydov is presented in the section World Cinema Now. The screening in Los Angeles will be the North American premiere of the movie.

Film director of the movie, Dmitry Davydov told News.Ykt.Ru that taking part in the film festival is a great step for the yakut film industry.

“I wanted to go to the festival so I could present the movie myself, but I could not make it with the visa and transit. On the whole, this festival is very prestigious, there are always many Hollywood producers. My film will probably not take part in the competitive programme, but that’s okay. Participation itself is more important to us. The most important thing is that the film will be noticed, and the producers will know about the existence of the yakut film industry, and, maybe, show interest in other films of the Republic”, Davydov said.

Davydov’s film started to be screened on February, 25 2020 and earned 11 million rubles with a budget of one and half million. THe movie was shot within 11 days. It tells about a healer from yakut village who is being despised by local citizens. The neighbors pass her by, but when there’s a torouble, everybody visits her in secret and asks for help.

In 2020 Davydov got the funding from Sinet Sakhawood for shooting two films. In total Dmitry Davydov was planning to shoot four films. He has already shot one of them, “Eder Saas”, and in the spring he will start shooting “Migrant”.

Together with Palm Springs there are 12 film festivals in “Scarecrow’s” credentials: Russian “Kinotavr” (Grand Prix, award of the Guild of Film Critics and Experts, Best Actress Award), Pacific Meridians (People’s Choice Award), Arctic Open, “WIndow to Europe”, Tromsø IFF in Norway (special award “Faith in cinema”), Rotterdam IFF in Finland, Quand Les Russes in France(Grand Prix), HÕFF in Estonia, Bifest — Bari IFF in Italy, Black canvas contemporary FF in Mexico and “Sputnik over Poland” in Poland.

In total 129 films will be presented this year in Palm Springs, among which there are 36 candidates for “Oscar” of 2022. Thus, for example, such films were included into the program: the holder of Palme d'Or of 74th Cannes film festival “Titan” by Julia Ducournau (France), the holder of the main prize of 71st Berlin International Film Festival “Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn” (Romania), the holder of the Grand Jury of 78th Venice Film Festival “Hand of God” by Paolo Sorrentino (Italy), well known in our country “Compartment Number 6” by Juho Kuosmanen (Finland) and “Unclenching the fists” by Kira Kovalenko (Russia), which were also awarded in Cannes - Grand Prix and the main prize of the “UnCertain Regard” contest respectively.

Photo: film frame

Source: News.Ykt.Ru