Yakut film ‘Scarecrow’ pays off in its first weekend. Drama grosses more than six million rubles at box office.

Sinet Sakhawood
The Yakut film was first released in wide distribution in Russia and immediately paid off, earning 6 100 000 rubles over the weekend.

In the history of the Russian film industry, this also happened for the first time: a film with such an inexpensive production — 1.5 million rubles paid off in the first weekend. ‘Scarecrow’ became the fourth profitable Russian release in 2021. This is evidenced on Monday by the data of the Unified Federal Automated Information System for information about film screenings in cinemas (EGAIS).

The film ‘Scarecrow’ became Davydov's third feature-length work after the films ‘Bonfire in the Wind’ and ‘There is no God but me.’ It all started in 2014, Dmitry Davydov was the director of the Chapchylgan school of the Amginsky District. Selling his car and taking out a loan, he shot his first feature film ‘Bonfire in the Wind’ in 14 days, which failed at the Yakut box office, but gathered full halls and various international awards, opening the Yakut cinema to the world. After a resounding success, Dmitry returned to his native village, refused the position of school principal in order to study cinema.

In 2019, Davydov presented an equally outstanding picture ‘There is no God but me’ about a son who is trying to save an old mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease. And in the same year he received a grant of one million rubles from the Sinet Sakhawood Yakut cinema support fund for the filming of ‘Scarecrow.’ In total, the film cost one and a half million rubles.

Dmitry Davydov's film became the main sensation of Kinotavr in 2020. It won awards for best picture and best actress, as well as the prize of the Russian Guild of Film Critics.

This year Dmitry Davydov also received funding from Sinet Sakhawood to shoot two films. DHe plans to make four films in 2021. He has already finished shooting ‘Eder Saas,’ and will start filming ‘Migrant’ next spring. Today he is focused on filmmaking and even quit school.