Chyskyyrai nominated for Best Actress at Asia-Pacific Film Award

Sinet Sakhawood
The 14th Asia Pacific Screen Awards ceremony will be held in Australia in November. Valentina Romanova - Chyskyyirai was nominated for Best Actress.

In total, five actresses are represented in this nomination: Azmeri Hack Badhon (Bangladesh), Lea Purcell (Australia), Essie Davis (New Zealand), Alyona Eve (Israel), and Valentina Romanova - Chyskyyrai (Russia).

The nominees of this award become members of the Asia-Pacific Film Academy. It is worth mentioning that there are already five members of this academy in Yakutia: producer Sardana Savvina, directors Dmitry Davydov, Eduard Novikov, Lyubov Borisova, and ex-director of Sakhafilm Dmitry Shadrin, whose films were nominated earlier. Yakutia was presented at this film festival three times: Bonfire in the Wind by Dmitry Davydov (2016), The King Bird by Eduard Novikov (2017) and The Sun Above Me Never Sets by Lyubov Borisova (2019). But the representative of Yakutia was nominated for Best Actress for the first time.

Before Scarecrow, singer Valentina Romanova - Chyskyyrai was known only as a talented improviser musician, an actress of the Variety Theater, and a teacher of the Yakutsk National Gymnasium. In 2019, she starred in the Yakut TV series Aaspyt aaspat amtana. Then in 2020, she played the main role in the film Scarecrow, which was shot with the support of Sinet Sakhawood. The Yakut film not only got to the biggest festival of Russian fiction films Kinotavr, but also got the main award. Chyskyyirai won Best Actress by vote of the jury.

The film Scarecrow is about a hermit-healer who gave up on herself a long time ago. People avoid and fear her but still come to her for help because only she can resolve problems of all kinds.

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards is an international cultural initiative of the Asia-Pacific Screen Academy, established in 2007. The winners are determined by an international jury, films are evaluated according to cinematographic skill, and how they preserve national cultural roots.

The award ceremony will take place on November 11 in an online format.