Sinet Spark is testing means against mosquitoes and midges

Protection against mosquitoes and midges
Mosquitoes and midges are one of the urgent problems in the life of the Yakutian people, bringing large inconveniences and spoiling the northern summer which is very short itself.

In the spring of 2021, the newly created non-profit project organization Sinet Spark launched more than 10 projects for the development of Yakutia and the world, including the program "Protection from mosquitoes and midges". Within its framework, Sinet Spark has selected modern and safe means for both mosquito and midge control. It was decided to try them out in the city park of culture and leisure of Yakutsk city.

Processing was carried out in the park at night on July 14 and 15 of this year. The contracting organization, attracted by Sinet Spark, processed two sites. The first processing area is located to the left of the main entrance, where the main food court is located.

The first processing area

Two means were chosen for it, "Admiral" and "Bacticide". The latter is the most promising and effective means of exterminating mosquito larvae. The drug, getting into the intestines of the larva, causes a violation of its functions and subsequent death. It is suitable for use in all natural areas, including reservoirs. The product is safe for humans, animals and fish.

“Admiral” is a hormone-based mosquito growth regulator. This liquid, getting on the laid eggs and larvae of mosquitoes, disrupts the process of metamorphosis, which leads to their death. Getting on an adult insect, it does not kill it, but causes sterilization, thus significantly reducing their number.

The second processing zone is the territory of the city park, located to the right of the main entrance. There the traditional professional drug "Cypermethrin" was used. A neurotoxin-based agent acts on the central nervous system of insects, causing a reduction in their number.

Second processing area

All used drugs have certificates and declarations of conformity and are safe for people.

Sinet Spark employees will conduct observations throughout the tests. The administration of the city park will be acquainted with the results of the tests and, if the effectiveness of new drugs is revealed, they will begin to use them.

"We hope that we will get interesting results and that the heavy air smoke in the city will not greatly distort the data of this promising experiment. In case of confirmation of the effectiveness of the drugs, we recommend their use in places where mosquitoes usually gather, located on the territory of settlements. This will help to improve the quality of life of the Yakutian people without disturbing the natural balance and ecosystem in the wild nature of Yakutia," the head of this Sinet Spark project Ivan Gavriliev summed up.