Sinet Spark launches "Protection from mosquitoes and midges" project

Protection against mosquitoes and midges
Mosquitoes with their presence can not only spoil camping, or stay at a vacation home, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to your own home. Skin irritation from mosquito bites, an allergic reaction, and an obsessive squeak can deprive a person of sleep and rest.

Sinet Spark launched the project "Mosquitoes" in order to identify effective existing traps and safe drugs for mosquito control. The effectiveness of a garlic-based repellent will also be evaluated within the framework of the project.

At this stage, mosquito traps are being tested. The devices are installed in locations with different environmental conditions: near reservoirs, in thick-growing trees, and in private plots. Project volunteers conduct observations and fill out test logs.
During the implementation of the project it is planned to:
- conduct tests with drugs to determine the effectiveness against mosquitoes;
- drug tests have been carried out to determine the effectiveness against midges;
- to carry out spraying with a drug for mosquito control in the city central park of Yakutsk.

The results of tests on effective ways to control mosquitoes will be published on the portal Ykt.Ru.