Sinet Spark sums up results of project "Protection from mosquitoes and midges"

Protection against mosquitoes and midges
During the summer of 2021, Sinet Spark conducted tests of various drugs and devices against mosquitoes and midges.

Thus, the "Grad black G2" mosquito exterminators were tested. The exterminator is a housing inside which a fan is installed, with the help of a special attractant that mimics the smell of a person, and a balloon from which carbon dioxide is supplied; mosquitoes are lured to the fan, which periodically turns on and drives mosquitoes into a grid from which they can no longer get out.

The tests were carried out at the summer cottages of volunteers, as well as in the city park. Based on the test results and analysis of the test observation logs, conclusions were drawn about the relative effectiveness of mosquito exterminators in places with a large number of mosquitoes. With an initial number of mosquitoes of 10 points, the mosquito exterminators lower their number to 3-4 points; if the initial number of mosquitoes was on a scale of 3-4 points, then the exterminators do not have a significant effect on their number. The following factors have a critical impact on the effectiveness of exterminators: the presence of wind, the presence of various plantings on the territory, the location of the trap. The exterminators were also tested on midges, which showed their inefficiency.

Additionally, the City Central Park of Culture and Leisure conducted tests of drugs that have a nerve-paralytic and sterilizing effect on mosquitoes and midges, but unfortunately, it could not be observed due to the migration of midges and mosquitoes caused by forest fires.

In contrast to the previous experiment, tests of an environmentally friendly garlic-based repellent have shown good results. After spraying the repellent for 2-3 days, mosquitoes and most importantly midges were completely absent on the territory. The main disadvantage when using such a repellent is its high cost, the consumption of the drug on the territory of 6 acres amounted to 2500 rubles.

In general, our team believes that the planned amount of work has been achieved in 2021. Further implementation of the project is planned for 2022: the search and testing of devices and drugs that protect the population of Yakutia from mosquitoes and midges.

During the winter, we will look for ways to reduce the cost of a well-proven garlic-based repellent and continue to search for alternative solutions to the problem of midges and mosquitoes based on modern and effective technologies.