Landfill burning: finding solutions to problems

Landfill fires
Toxic gases that have been released during the burning of landfills for many years, cause inconvenience and negatively affect people's health. As part of this problem, we have proposed a solution in the form of the construction of a tower with an installed surveillance system. The facility will allow monitoring of early fires of garbage and promptly respond to them, which will reduce burning and the amount of toxic gases.

In May, a working group visited the landfill of the city. The meeting was attended by representatives of the city administration, the Ministry of Land and Property Relations and the Service for the Operation of the municipal economy. Based on the results, it was decided to build a tower not on the landfill site itself, but on the designated area adjacent to it. This is due to the danger of ignition of toxic gases during installation work and soil instability throughout the landfill.

After the meeting, a visit of the Sinet Spark working group was organized to conduct test flights of the quadcopter to find the optimal location and determination of the required height of the tower. Test measurements showed that the required height is 30 meters — this will allow you to cover the entire territory of the landfill, taking into account the use of a thermal imaging camera with a rotary mechanism.