Sinet Spark installs a landfill burning monitoring system

Landfill fires
On June 21, 2021, an agreement was signed with the Svyaz Komplekt company for the construction of an antenna-mast structure (AMS) at the Yakutsk landfill located on the 9th km of the Vilyuysky tract. The system will allow you to quickly respond to fires at the landfill, which will lead to a reduction in the emission of toxic smoke. Our partner works with many mobile operators and has extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of towers of various types.

The main works are divided into five stages:
1. Obtaining a land use permit
2. Construction and installation of AMS
3. Conducting electricity to the facility
4. Conducting the Internet
5. Selection and purchase of a thermal imaging camera

As part of the project, the test launch and trial operation will begin in October this year and by March 2022 it is planned to transfer the facility from the Yakutsk City Administration to the Unified Duty Dispatch Service system.

At this stage, work is underway to select a thermal imaging camera that will allow continuous monitoring of early fires at the landfill. The difficulty of selection lies in the harsh operating conditions in winter. Many thermal imagers on the market have an operating range starting from -30 degrees, which does not correspond to our climatic conditions. Despite the difficulties that arise, all work on the project is carried out on time. We hope that the landfill monitoring will solve the problem of the city and improve air quality, preventing fires at an early stage.