Sinet Spark has installed the antenna-mast structure in the Yakutsk landfill

Landfill fires
Within the framework of the Landfill Fires project, the Sinet Spark team is implementing the construction of an AMS (antenna-mast structure) with thermal imaging equipment that will monitor and detect landfill fires at early stages and promptly respond to them.

The problem of fires in the landfill and the release of toxic gases is a big problem for residents of nearby houses and suburban areas. When there are strong winds, toxic smoke from the landfill can cover the whole city. Due to the large size of the landfill, it is very difficult to conduct constant monitoring from the ground, while the constantly changing structure of the area does not allow the use of small observation posts. The solution to the problem of detecting fires at an early stage on the territory of the entire landfill can be the installation of thermal imaging equipment with a rotary mechanism on the tower.

At the beginning of September, one of the main stages of the project was completed - the installation of AMS in the landfill. LLC Svyazcomplekt, the contractor of the project, had installed a 30-meter tower on tripwires. To detect fires, a thermal imaging rotary camera Pergam-Thermoscan was purchased, which has a high resolution, an automatic fire detection system, and most importantly, an operating range of up to -50 degrees.

At the moment all the necessary documents are being processed to connect the facility to electricity and a contract is being concluded for the provision of communication services. From October, it is planned to start trial operation, after which it is planned to transfer the rights of the object to the Yakutsk city administration for broadcasting the video stream to a Unified duty dispatch service.