The 21.1 kilometer half marathon held in Yakutsk

Yakutsk half-marathon
The fifth anniversary Yakutsk half marathon-2021, dedicated to the City Day, held at 11 a.m. in the capital of the Republic.

557 adults took part in the race, 100 children ran in an online format. A total of 936 participants have registered on the website, according to the organizers of the half marathon.

The event is held with the aim of popularizing mass running in Yakutsk and the republic, also this year it is dedicated to the City Day.

The main half marathon was held for 21.1 kilometers, starting from the Tuimaada stadium, along the streets of Lermontov, Petrovsky, Kirov, Kalandarishvili, Krasilnikov, Sergelyakhskoye Highway, Avtodorozhnaya, Dezhnev, Oyunsky. There were also races for 5 and 10.5 kilometers.

At the moment, the winners are being awarded in all categories. On the main route of 21.1 kilometers, Polina Slobodchikova became the triumphant among women with a running time of an hour and 25 minutes, among men — Vasiliev Aisen, his time is one hour and 12 minutes.

Because of the half marathon, the streets of the city were closed until 11 a.m.