Call for applications from Yakut entrepreneurs to Sinet Team and YellowRockets export accelerator program now open

From February 25 to 27 an online intensive for entrepreneurs with the purpose to share the business ideas capable of conquering the global market was held. Its participants, as well as other Yakut entrepreneurs, can take part in the next stage — the export-oriented business accelerator Yakutia2World. The call for applications has already started.

“Bringing the business of Yakutia to the global market” - this was the motto of the event. Within three days, 10 successful entrepreneurs from the regions of Russia, who have achieved success in the Russian and world markets, as well as the experts in various business areas, spoke at the intensive course.

The online intensive course participants mastered the methods of generating ideas, teambuilding, finding their niches, and entering the international market. They learned “how a programmer from the Urals earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on the sale of a Soviet BAA in California,” “how to come up with a new toy and earn 140 million rubles in an urban-type settlement from scratch in four years,” and “how to hack the big world out of Yakutia using the theory of solving inventive tasks,” and other interesting cases and topics.

We asked several entrepreneurs to share their impressions of the completed online intensive course.

Nyurguyana Zamorshchikova, entrepreneur, creator of the brand Sakha Tea:

“During the three days of intensive training with the YellowRockets team, after listening to the speakers, I not only consolidated my experience and knowledge, but also expanded my horizon and understanding of doing business in the international arena. Not every team can convey such a volume of difficult-to-perceive information as easily as the guys from YellowRockets. Thank you, you're awesome.

The speakers of the project deserve to be highlighted. They are real startup exporters who have already conquered global markets and are taking leaps and bounds all over the planet. Obviously, they create a positive image of the country much better than the media. Foreigners believe and trust them, admire their products and the quality of execution, praise and recommend them to others.”

Marianna Andreeva, entrepreneur, founder and director of the Orto Doydu Hotel Complex:

“Taking part in the intensive course was like diving into a completely different world. The world in which everything moves fast, online, with creativity, with a completely different perspective.

During the first two days there were stories and personal experiences of incredible Russian guys who have almost conquered the world and foreign markets. It was very informative, unusual, interesting, and exciting. They have burning eyes, there is nothing that holds them back. Not everything in their life was smooth, but they were able to defeat themselves, prove to others that everything is possible. And we were lucky enough to come into contact with their experience, and life hacks. We were also able to be recharged and motivated, to believe that nothing is impossible and, most importantly, that there are always ways out to break into the world.”

Alexey Otukov, entrepreneur, director of the Yakutian Knife company:

“The conference itself was technically very well thought out, and the speakers were very interesting. After their speeches, you get a charge of motivation, which pushes you to take some actions. I especially enjoyed working in groups and networking. It turned out that our business interests overlap with other participants in many ways. We established contacts and arranged to meet. We also learned about new working tools, it was very useful.

In general, we try to take part in all business events organized by Sinet Team. The most interesting thing is that we presented just one project (tool rental), but after talking with the speakers of YellowRockets, we decided to develop a project on Yakut knives. I think that the team and I will take part in the next stage - the accelerator program.”

To participate in the online intensive course from Sinet Team and YellowRockets, 28 participants were selected from 116 applicants, mainly based on the size of the current business. The next stage will be the accelerator - a program of accelerated development and scaling for entrepreneurs of Yakutia, which will be held from April 5 to June 25.

The call for application for the accelerator program ends on March 31, the number of selected participants is limited — no more than 20 projects will be selected. There are two main criteria: the export prospects of the business model submitted for acceleration, and preference will also be given to experienced entrepreneurs with high revenue in current projects.

The Yakutia2World accelerator program will help entrepreneurs take their business beyond Yakutia: identify the next steps for scaling, formulate hypotheses for entering new markets and quickly test them. Participants will be able to get advice from experts and trackers of the program, and, if necessary, the help of specialists to solve specific problems in business. The best projects will receive grants from Sinet Spark in the amount of 30,000, 15,000 and 10,000 dollars, as well as investments of up to tens of millions of rubles. Participation in the accelerator will be paid for by Sinet Spark.