On June 29 workshop held for participants of Yakutia2World accelerator program

The speakers of the event were the trackers of the program Alexey Kostarev and Artem Kharitonov.

Alexey Kostarev, lead tracker, co-founder and Development Director of Robot Vera. Expert in ICO, HR, IT product development, gamification, monetization.

Artyom Kharitonov, coach and expert in creating websites and advertising materials, ex-producer of emg special projects.

The stated theme of the workshop "Preparation of investment presentations for Demo day" included both an introductory lecture and a practical part: working with presentation preparation teams. Accelerator participants are preparing presentations of their products and projects for the pitch session, which will take place on July 9.

Teams participating in Demo day:
Cybionyx, SINOSPHERA, Yakut knife, ToolCenter, SCIBERIA, Seecosmetics, Glazco, City Farm in Schools, Freeze Project, Bodyline, Yakutiatravel Excursions, IT Study, Spock Tirekh, SAKHACHAI, FutureBooks3D