Yakutsk half marathon postponed to August due to the situation with coronavirus

Yakutsk half-marathon
In order to hold the Yakutsk half marathon in the usual format, the organizers were forced to postpone it to August, the appeal to the participants of the race says.

Previously, the sports event was planned to be held on June 19. The half marathon has been postponed to this date since last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the authorities allowed the half marathon to be held in June only in the format of an online race.

"Considering that the online format does not correspond to the stated one, we decided to postpone the date of the race from June 19 to August 14 with the possibility of holding it in the usual format, provided there are no restrictions," the organizers announced their decision.

It is noted that each participant of the half marathon can contribute to the approach of the race by voluntarily vaccinating against COVID-19. From June 1 to July 15, additional registration for the adult race opens.

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