"No Garbage": we invite volunteers to the first clean-up day of the season!

Together we will clean up the garbage left by negligent compatriots in the outskirts of Yakutsk, and after that we will arrange a small friendly picnic.

The clean-up will take place within the framework of the project "No Garbage" by Sinet Spark. Last year, with the help of caring citizens on a digital map Svalki.Ykt.Ru information about 89 unauthorized landfills was collected, 21 points of garbage after picnics and 19 car bodies. This summer, it is planned to hold several large-scale community clean-ups by volunteers at once, focused on the elimination of garbage after vacationers. Sinet Spark will also, at its own expense, remove about six thousand cubic meters of more serious industrial and construction waste dumps from the suburbs, which is approximately 250-300 landfills.

Map of garbage in nature near Yakutsk

Thanks to the volunteers who came out for last year's clean-up on September 19, more than 1,000 bags and 119 cubic meters of garbage were collected in seven of the most cluttered places near Yakutsk.

We invite volunteers to the first clean-up day of the summer season of 2021, which will be held on May 29. The volunteers, like last year, will be divided into several groups and distributed to various locations, which they will be informed about on the day of the gathering. Note that one group will consist of no more than 50 people. We will clean up the garbage left after picnics in the outskirts of Yakutsk.

The gathering will take place on May 29 at 10:00 at Friendship Square, where the curators will be waiting for the volunteers. The organizers will provide everyone with protective masks, gloves and garbage bags. Also, buses will be waiting for volunteers on the square, which will take them to the point of the clean-up and back. Those who wish - can follow the buses in their own car. Do not forget to bring some food, water and tea in a thermos for a picnic.

You must sign up for a clean-up in advance by filling out the form at the link.

We urge citizens not only to join the clean-up, but also to take part in the video contest. Its main goal is to show the severity of the problem of littering of the Yakutian nature and/or possible ways to solve it.

You can shoot a video on any device. The timing should be no more than 60 seconds. To become a participant in the contest, you need to post a video on Instagram (story is not accepted), Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, on YouTube with the hashtag #мусорунетконкурс_ykt. Acceptance of works lasts from March 15 to June 30.

In addition to the compliance of the video with the stated theme and the creativity of the authors, the jury will evaluate the persuasiveness and emotional depth of the disclosure of the topic, the clarity of the presentation of ways to solve this problem. The best videos will be widely distributed through Ykt.Ru website and social networks as social advertising to reduce the littering of nature by people. The results will be summed up by July 10.

The main prize is the DJI Mavic AIR 2 quadcopter. The incentive prize is the GoPro HERO9 Black Edition action video camera. More information can be found in the competition regulations.

We are waiting for everyone at the clean-up, thank you!