"No Garbage": volunteers collected 373 bags of garbage on the Magansky tract

On May 29, the first clean-up day of this season was held within the framework of the project "No Garbage" by Sinet Spark. Activists, public organizations and just caring citizens took part in the clean-up.

More than a hundred people went to the Magansky tract and collected garbage that had been accumulating there for years. In total, more than 373 bags and 93 cubic meters of garbage were collected.

The organizers and volunteers gathered at 10:00 on the Peoples' Friendship Square, where buses were waiting for them, which took them to the place of the clean-up and back. Many arrived in their own cars.

First of all, the curators measured the temperature of the arrivals, distributed baseball caps, and protective masks. All sanitary standards were observed. The volunteers were also familiarized with safety techniques. Then they were divided into five groups, each of which had 20 people.
After all the preparations, the groups left for the Magansky tract. The volunteers were distributed to various locations.

On the spot, the curators provided everyone with gloves, garbage bags and other necessary accessories. Then all the participants of the clean-up started collecting garbage, not only left after picnics, but also specially taken out and thrown away in the forest. Each group worked in specially designated places for them.

It is worth noting that during the clean-up, the volunteers were joined by caring residents of the city who were passing by. Nikolina and Yan Stepanov, a young married couple, noticed the participants of the action on the way to the dacha. They had returned from St. Petersburg the day before, so they did not know about the clean-up.

Nikolina Stepanova, participant of the action:
— My husband and I were going to visit our dacha, which is located on the Magansky tract. We saw the volunteers and decided to help. We always try to clean up during our family hikes and picnics and here we could not pass by. I hope that the residents of our republic in the future will think about the harm of garbage, nature conservation and will begin to clean up not only their own garbage, but also those left by others.

Students Alina from Ural State University of Law and Yana from NEFU learned about the action from her friend, who shared information in a group chat and offered to become volunteers. The girls believe that such events are a good cause and a personal contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Anton Vasiliev, a well-known anti-garbage activist:
- Such events are very important for our population. Thanks to them, we teach not ourselves, but other people to clean up after themselves and take care of our nature. I would like to see more such volunteer trips, so that not only the citizens participated in them, but also the city administration was an active organizer and participant.

Tatiana Loginova, specialist:
- My daughter Sardana took part in the action. We are a member of the Star Team group - a non-profit educational program for gifted schoolchildren from Sinet Team. There was an offer from a parent to participate in the action. We gladly agreed. To be honest, this is the first time we are participating in such a project. But when we go to nature with the whole family, we always clean up all the garbage behind us and do not leave someone else's. I urge everyone to take care of our nature and keep it clean. Please don't leave the trash, take it with you. Be conscious.

Members of the volunteer club "The Road of Good" at the library "Warm House" came to the subbotnik: Christina Kuzmina, Maria Bassanova, Elena Zhirkova, Maria Starostina, Sofia Fedorova.

Sofia Fedorova, volunteer:
— There are a lot of people in the "Road of Good" club: from schoolchildren to pensioners. Our group is called "Silver". We were all gathered by the head of Raisa Dmitrievna Filippova. The club's volunteers help in events held not only within the walls of the library, but also the social partners of the "Warm House". We are friends, we constantly go to all volunteer events. We support projects such as "No Garbage."

For almost an hour and a half of intensive work, volunteers collected 373 bags of garbage. Then the groups went to rest.

In the forest, in addition to the usual garbage that is left after picnics, household garbage was also found. It is noticeable that people took it out on purpose: here you could see various household items, building materials and much more.

The regional operator "Yakutskekoseti" helped in the organization of garbage collection, providing its special equipment free of charge.

The Khatassy pig complex provided garbage collection bags for free, the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Zhilkomservice” provided coupons for the landfill.

Nyurguyana Efremova, project manager of the project "No Garbage":

- Littering of territories is a big environmental problem for residents of the whole world. As you know, garbage is a source of toxic substances carried by the wind. It poisons the air we breathe. Garbage pollutes not only the soil and water, but can also cause fires, animal deaths.

The aim of the project is to show the severity of the problem of littering the Yakutian nature, possible ways to solve it and reduce the amount of garbage in the outskirts of the city. It should be noted that our clean-ups are held in territories outside the municipality, since there is no one there to clean up, all authorities shift responsibility to each other. Last year on a digital map Svalki.Ykt.Ru with the help of caring citizens, information was collected about 89 unauthorized landfills, 21 points of garbage after picnics and 19 car bodies.

On May 29, our first clean-up day of this season was held. Thanks to 101 volunteers, we collected 373 bags of garbage (93 cubic meters of garbage). I am very pleased that many caring citizens are happy to take part in our clean-ups. I thank all the volunteers for their concern, for their time on the weekend, which they devoted to cleaning. This is a vivid manifestation of the goodwill and strength of civil society!

This summer, four more large-scale clean-ups are planned, focused on the elimination of garbage after vacationers. The next clean-up will be held on June 19. We invite volunteers to take an active part in the event. Make your contribution to the preservation of our nature.
In the end, I would like to thank “Yakutskekoseti” and Khatassy Pig Farm for their cooperation and assistance in the implementation of the project!

According to the organizers, this summer it is planned to hold several large-scale clean-ups by volunteers at once, focused on the elimination of garbage after vacationers. For more serious landfills of industrial and construction waste, Sinet Spark will finance the removal of about six thousand cubic meters of such garbage from suburban forests.

In addition, Sinet Spark, together with law enforcement and environmental agencies, organizes an investigation to identify those who systematically create unauthorized landfills. The organizers stressed that the perpetrators will be identified and punished in accordance with the current legislation.