Svalki.Ykt.Ru: report about garbage near Yakutsk in the updated version of the website

Collecting information about illegal landfills in the city of Yakutsk has become easier and faster. Sinet Spark announces the launch of an updated version of the site Svalki.Ykt.Ru.

Service Svalki.Ykt.Ru (landfills) was created in 2020. With the help of this map, information about garbage is collected for further cleaning and removal. Last year, thanks to caring citizens, information about 89 landfills in the outskirts of Yakutsk was collected on a digital map, 21 spots with garbage after picnics and 19 car bodies.

"Last year, people sent information about unauthorized landfills via WhatsApp, and we manually marked their location on the map. This year we have created a new automated website where anyone can add a location by attaching photos. The application is pre-moderated by the administrator and is marked on the map as a location that has been verified," said the head of the project "No.Garbage" Nyurguyana Efremova.

On September 19 last year, within the framework of the project "No.Garbage," a community clean-up was held, where 117 cubic meters of garbage were collected. This summer, two large-scale clean-up days were held, during which about 700 bags or 173 cubic meters of garbage were collected by volunteers from the company and citizens of the city. It is planned to hold three more clean-ups. Sinet Spark also finances the removal of about six thousand cubic meters of industrial and construction waste from suburban forests. As of July 13, within the framework of the project "No.Garbage" 2592 cubes of garbage were removed. In addition, the company is conducting investigations to identify the perpetrators of the illegal landfills. They will be punished in accordance with the applicable laws.

If you know those who took out and left garbage in the wrong place, then report it to Sinet Spark by writing an email to After the inspection, our company will transfer the materials to the environmental prosecutor's office.

Share the link to this article with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. The more people report the places where there is garbage, the more completed the map will be and there will be more efficient further cleaning.

Let's make nature cleaner together.