Sinet Spark announced the results of the video contest "Say no to garbage"

The contest was held among the users of website and social networks. The organizers chose the winner among 20 participants.

We should recall that Sinet Spark announced a contest for the best social video in March of this year. Its main goal is to show the severity of the problem of littering the Yakutian nature, to come up with possible ways to solve this problem and reduce the amount of garbage in the outskirts of the city.

"Littering of territories is a big environmental problem for the whole world. Garbage pollutes not only the soil and water, but can also cause fires and the death of animals”, said the head of the project "No.Garbage" Nyurguyana Efremova. “Sinet Spark finances the removal of about six thousand cubic meters of industrial and construction waste from suburban forests. As of July 13, within the framework of the project "No.Garbage" 2794 cubes of garbage were removed. In addition, our team is conducting the investigations to identify the perpetrators of illegal landfills. We also held large-scale clean-ups, during which about 700 bags or 173 cubic meters of garbage were collected by volunteers of the company and citizens of Yakutsk.

It is necessary to cultivate a careful attitude to nature from an early age. It is also important to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle through the media and social networks in order to draw public attention to the problem of garbage in nature and unauthorized landfills. This spring we announced a video contest among the users of website and social networks. And based on the results of our competition, we plan to conduct information campaigns in order to form a public rejection of environmental littering."

20 participants from all over the republic presented their works in the competition. Among those, the organizers chose two works, the authors of which revealed the topic and problem most deeply, as well as their vision that had been creatively presented.

According to the results of the competition, Vyacheslav Dyachkovsky from the village of Bolugur of Amginsky district became the winner. He received the main prize, the DJI Mavic AIR 2 quadcopter. In his video, Vyacheslav showed Yakutia of the future, where people still honor their traditions, but could not cope with garbage.

"The video of our winner drew our special attention because of the fact that it has a backstory. After watching, there is concern for our future. We clearly see the world that awaits us if we do not take serious measures to preserve the environment," Sinet Spark employees commented on the winner's work.

Vyacheslav Dyachkovsky found out about the contest on social networks and immediately noted for himself the relevance of the topic raised.

"I immediately thought that if I make a regular video where I show that leaving garbage is bad, it will be banal, and it will immediately go to the "trash bin". It will not be noticed and will be scrolled further. I decided that if I participate, I need to come up with something very interesting so that people are touched, so that they save this video and share it with others.

I cannot call myself an eco-activist, but at the moment, it seems to me that the topic of ecology is close to everyone and the situation is, in fact, very sad right now. Recently, due to forest fires, we were ranked among the cities with the most polluted air. Yakutia is ahead of everyone, but in the wrong direction. People think that the problem of littering is somewhere out there in big cities, but if you look around, it is everywhere. Even our sights like the river banks of the Amga, Lena, Harama Hayata Mountain, Lena Pillars and others are littered. It is important to change the consciousness of the whole society, not just one person," he shared.

Vyacheslav works in the House of Culture as a director of mass performances. Fellow villagers helped him in creating the video. He was the operator, editor and sound engineer.

"I am glad that I was able to contribute. I want to express my gratitude to the residents of Bolugur who helped me and took part in the filming. Probably then it seemed strange from the outside what we were doing: it was night, there was a bunch of mosquitoes, a dump, a lot of garbage and we were in Yakutian traditional clothes. But it turned out to be worth it. Without them, nothing would have happened," Vyacheslav recalled the shooting laughing.

Vyacheslav Dyachkovsky believed that the team of Yuri Romanov and Georgy Matveev would win the competition. They became the owners of an incentive prize - the GoPro HERO9 Black Edition action video camera.

"The creative group "Kiehelik" showed a life example and focused attention on the often occurring situation when vacationers leave garbage in nature, being afraid that they would dirty their car. They showed an unconscious attitude when people do not think about the consequences and shift responsibility to others. "Others will clean up," "there is garbage lying here anyway," "there are no rubbish bins" - these are the most frequent opinions of participants in an anonymous eco-survey that we conducted last year," Sinet Spark employees noted.

As Yuri and Georgy admitted, they decided to participate in the contest not for the sake of victory, but in order to combine business with pleasure.

"In our video, we showed nature as a young and pure girl," said Georgy Matveev. “A company of young people comes to rest, nature is happy and welcomes them, and when they leave, they leave garbage behind them. Nature remains alone, upset and saddened. We tried to show the life situation to demonstrate the problem from the outside. I do not want to say bad things about people, but for some reason there are such people in real life, and it is frustrating. You are doing a great job holding such contests. They are especially useful for our children and young people. I am glad that the competition does not end there and as many people as possible will see our work."

The best videos will be widely distributed through Ykt.Ru website and social networks as social advertising to reduce the problem of littering.

Sinet Spark company thanks all the contestants for their active participation. All the videos can be found at the link #мусорунетконкурс_ykt.