Citizens collect 90 cubic meters of garbage at subbotnik "No Garbage"

83 volunteers participated in the second subbotnik of the Sinet Spark project "No Garbage", which took place on June 19.

Eco-activists, social activists, and simply caring citizens went to the Namtsyrsky tract and collected garbage left by citizens after picnics. In total, more than 320 bags (80 cubic meters) and 10 cubic meters of bulky garbage were collected.

Before the subbotnik, the volunteers were instructed, their temperature was measured, hats and protective masks were distributed. Everyone divided into small groups and then took buses and private cars to various garbage collection locations. The volunteers were provided with gloves, garbage bags and other necessary accessories.

In just a few hours, through the joint efforts of volunteers, more than 320 bags of garbage were collected, as well as 10 cubic meters of bulky garbage, which the regional operator “Yakutskekoseti” helped to take out free of charge. The Khatass pig complex provided garbage collection bags, and Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Zhilkomservis" — coupons for the landfill for free.

Albina Semyonova, volunteer:

The Subbotnik was well-organized. I am glad that there is an opportunity to go out with caring people and make our beloved nature cleaner.

I consider such events very important, and it is important to cover them more so that many people know that such trips are organized. If we do not maintain our nature clean, then very soon there will be nothing to preserve. Nature is very fragile, and I sincerely feel sorry for people who do not understand this, do not appreciate nature, do not respect the place where they were born, and consider it normal to go and dump a bunch of old junk in the forest. It would be great to introduce a large fine for such actions.

Vasily Ivanov, volunteer:

I express my great gratitude and appreciation to the organizers and their company for creating, maintaining and promoting such initiatives. Every time these promotions are announced, the best person wakes up in me and a clear realization that this is exactly my business. An impulse to take actions arises in me, even in such a simple and direct way. It feels great to be a part of a group of people driven by the best human qualities such as kindness, and love to the motherland.

I would compare a group of people, who left on June 19 with a little knight. This knight is young, cheerful, full of energy. He is fashionable, noisy, boisterous, but at the same time very kind, open and patriotic. He has a rather feminine face, but there is also a masculine strength. And here he is again successfully rushing into battle with a huge octopus, consisting of glass, metal and plastic, as well as human indifference. We wish our knight get bigger every time and never to lose a drop of enthusiasm in his endeavors.

I think such events are important. First of all, as an example for people, drawing attention to the problem and raising questions about its solution, as popularization of environmental responsibility, and secondly as a useful action.

In addition to the fact that they awaken and promote the best human traits, they are also part of progress and contemporary lifestyle, where not caring about nature as our common home, the chances of a decent and comfortable life are sharply reduced.

"I would like to note that our subbotniks are held in territories that do not belong to the municipality, that is, in places where there is no one to clean. We express our gratitude to every caring citizen who took part in our subbotnik despite the 30-degree heat! You have made a huge contribution to the preservation of our nature," said Nyurguyana Efremova, head of the project "No Garbage".

According to the organizers, three more large-scale subbotniks will take place this summer, within the framework of which garbage left by vacationers near Yakutsk will be eliminated. Sinet Spark will finance the removal of about six thousand cubic meters of industrial and construction waste from suburban forests. As of June 21, 1,714 cubic meters of such waste have already been removed.

In addition, an investigation will be conducted jointly with law enforcement and environmental structures to identify the culprits of unauthorized landfills. According to the organizers, they will be established and punished in accordance with the current legislation.

The organizers urge citizens to take part in the video contest. Its main goal is to show the severity of the problem of littering the Yakut nature and possible ways to solve it. To participate, you need to shoot a short video and publish a post with a video on social networks with the hashtag #musorunetcompetition_ykt.

The main prize is the DJI Mavic AIR 2 quadcopter. Detailed information can be found in the competition regulations.