Sinet Spark supports Oymyakon district in fight against forest fires

Forest Fires
In 2021, over the past 150 years of meteorological observations, such arid and hot weather has not been observed in Yakutia; there is an abnormal heat wave and a record drought. Even in the Pole of Cold Oymyakon, the temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. Underground fires which are difficult to extinguish are raging on the territory of the district.

Sinet Spark handed over equipment to Oymyakonsky district to help fight forest fires: quadcopters, radio stations, backpack fire extinguishers, gasoline motor pumps, dry rations kits, shovels, satellite phones, respirators, goggles, and fire hoses.

“Since the beginning of the wildfire season, 139 landscape fires have been registered in our district, with a total area of 340 thousand hectares, of which the forest area is 273 thousand hectares. In general, we have five fires that have been active since the beginning of the fire season, they threatened three villages - Tontor, Ust-nera, and Oymyakon. Currently, we have a greater number of fires eliminated, but now there are four landscape fires in the district, all fires in the aviation control zone. Now they do not pose a threat to the settlements. I would like to thank Sinet Spark for their help because we live in a hard-to-reach area. During the fires, when we had non-flying weather, it was mainly the local population that was involved in the fire-fighting operations. The quadcopters and radio stations are necessary for us to assess the scale and area of fires. On behalf of all village residents, and on my own behalf, I would like to thank the Sinet Spark Foundation, the entire team, and Arsen Tomsky for their help.”

A complex forest fire situation persists on the territory of Vilyuysky, Verkhnevilyuysky, Mirninsky, Gorny, Zhigansky, Kobyaysky, Nyurbinsky, Olekminsky and Suntarsky districts, where 140 fires have been registered.