Sinet Spark: Gorny district received help in fighting forest fires

Forest Fires
On July 14, fire-fighting equipment was transferred from Sinet Spark company for the Gorny district.

"Today, representatives of the Gorny district came to us for fire-fighting equipment. They sent the application on July 13, we processed it quickly and provided the required equipment, with the exception of the plow, which is not available in the city," said Anastasia Ammosova, head of the Forest Fires project at Sinet Spark.

The application of the Gorny district included quadrocopters, satellite phone, GPS navigator, generators, chainsaws, satchel fire extinguishers, sets of specialized clothing and respirators. Tents and safety glasses were provided free of charge by the owner of the “Stroygrad” construction and household goods store, Petr Alekseev.

The chief specialist in civil defense and emergency situations Aisen Struchkov came to sign the contract on the gratuitous transfer of fire-fighting equipment on behalf of the administration of the Gorny district. He noted that the situation with fires in Gorny district is very difficult now.

"55 fires have been registered on the territory of our district since the beginning of the season of fires. Now 25 fires are active, of which 13 fires are being extinguished. More than 450 people are involved in extinguishing fires, including about 250 local residents and 80 pieces of equipment," the specialist said.

According to him, fires near settlements are especially dangerous - these are the villages of Dikimdya, Kuerelyakh, Keptin and Magaras. The equipment that had been received will primarily be used to extinguish fires near those villages.

"We thank Sinet Spark company for their help. We promise that the equipment will be used for its intended purpose and transferred to the administrations of the district," Aisen Struchkov summed up.

Anastasia Ammosova, head of the Sinet Spark Forest Fires project, said that applications received from districts are processed individually, because each district needs different equipment. At the moment, applications have been received from the Nyurbinsky, Olekminsky, Suntarsky, Kobyaisky, Verkhneviluysky districts.