Ust-Aldansky and Tomponsky districts receive support in fight against forest fires

Forest Fires
Over the weekend, Sinet Spark handed over equipment to help fight forest fires to Ust-Aldan and Tomponsky districts.

There are three active forest fires in Ust-Aldansky district - in Tyulyakhsky, Byariinsky and Batagaysky villages. The villages of the Tomponsky district are under special control due to the threat of fire.

Ermak backpack fire extinguishers, gasoline motor pumps, special fire hoses, steel clamps, chainsaws, chains, quadcopters, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, safety glasses, boots, respirators were handed over to help.

The representative of Ust-Aldan district Afanasy Afanasyev commented on the situation: "We have a very difficult fire situation in the area now. Thanks to the help of Sinet Spark, we were able to get a whole car with different equipment. Honestly, I didn't even know that such an organization existed, but now I want to express my gratitude. We believe that the situation with forest fires will stabilize.”

The representative of the Tomponsky district Dmtriy: "On behalf of the entire population of our district, we want to thank you for helping those who extinguish fires. They often do not know where the financial support comes from, but they immediately accept equipment and products, it all gives them more strength. Yesterday we were given a tractor to make a mineral path, but the forest is still burning, and it's very dangerous. We are waiting for another helicopter. Everyone is helping, the locals are working, you guys are helping, the government is also supporting us, thank you all.”