Sinet Spark: Kobyaisky district received help in fighting forest fires

Forest Fires
On July 23, Sinet Spark handed over equipment for fighting forest fires to the Kobyaisky district to help.

The list of fire equipment included radio stations, satellite phones, quadrocopters, gasoline power plants, chainsaws, shovels and tents. At the same time, the Variety Theater of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) named after Y.E. Platonov donated sleeping bags and protective gloves.

The representative of the Kobyaisky district expressed great gratitude to Sinet Spark and the Variety Theater team from the whole district and added that "every help is very important, especially for the guys who are on the front line, they extinguish fires in the most difficult conditions. There are not enough tents, we have to fit in those we have and borrow them from each other, sometimes we lose sleeping bags. And we need quadrocopters to quickly detect and localize fires."

The situation in the Kobyaisky district remains difficult, patrolling of forests continues in order to prevent the spread of fire.