Khangalassky district shares photos of fire equipment from Sinet Spark

Forest Fires
The equipment that Sinet Spark purchased for the Khangalassky district to fight fires is being successfully operated.

On July 13, Sinet Spark began to purchase fire equipment to areas of Yakutia. Khangalassky district was the first to get all the necessary equipment: fire pumps, quadcopters, satellite phones, fire hoses, Ermak backpacks, hoes, shovels, protective helmets, and respirators. Additionally, the Argon 14 company donated a gasoline generator to the district.

To date, Sinet Spark has donated equipment to the Gorny, Kobyai, Verkhneviluysky, Oymyakonsky, Olekminsky, Tomponsky, Ust-Aldan districts.