Suntarsky and Namsky districts received the equipment for extinguishing fires from Sinet Spark

Forest Fires
The area of wildfires in Yakutia has reached 6.7 million hectares. This is a record figure for the last ten years. According to the Aviation Security Service, 168 forest fires continue to spread in the republic.

Sinet Spark continues to provide assistance to the districts of Yakutia, purchasing the necessary equipment.

The list of transferred equipment includes: HF transceivers, dipole antennas, quadrocopters, chainsaws, satellite phones, SIM cards with 250 minutes of available calls, radio stations, bayonet shovels, fire backpacks, motor pumps, 4-seater tents, sleeping bags, respirators, diesel power plants, water tanks, fire suits, suction hoses, suction nets with a valve.

The representative and the trusted man of the administration of the Municipal district "Bordonsky nasleg" Stepan Ivanov said:

"We express our great gratitude to Sinet Spark from the heads of the districts for your invaluable assistance in extinguishing forest fires on the territory of the Suntarsky district, in the conditions of the most difficult forest fire situation (104 forest fires were registered in the Suntarsky district on 12.08.2021). Above all, your help, as well the help of true patriots of our people and our republic, will contribute to the further consolidation of the publicity of Suntarsky district, will become a bright example for everyone in rallying in the face of a real threat to human settlements and the nature of our native Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). We wish you further success in your hard work, happiness and prosperity!"

The equipment for Namsky district was received by Marat Petrov, a leading specialist in youth policy of the administration of the Municipal district “Namsky district”. He expressed gratitude from all residents and the Head of the district:

"On behalf of the residents of Namsky district, we express our sincere gratitude to Arseniy Tomsky, the founder of the international ride hailing service inDriver, and the Sinet Spark Charitable Foundation for the development of the region, represented by Director Nyurguyana Efremova, for an invaluable contribution to the preservation of the forestry of Namsky district. Your contribution will increase the effectiveness of combating forest fires. With gratitude, the Head of the district Yuri Sleptsov".