Sinet Spark launches project to implement air quality monitoring system

Anti-dust program
Within the framework of the Sinet Spark dust control program, a project has been launched to introduce an air quality monitoring system in Yakutsk.

The main goal is to see the quality of the air we breathe.

As you know, although coarse dust causes a lot of trouble, it does not bring as many problems as fine dust. It differs in that, due to its small size, it penetrates with air into the lungs, and then through the alveoli into the blood and further into other vital organs.

It is difficult for a person to detect fine dust with the help of their senses, so we purchased 10 IQAir AirVisual Pro air quality monitors that can register the concentration of suspended dust with dimensions of 2.5 microns and transmit data from them to the Internet in real time.

This year we intend to identify the most polluted areas of the city and the degree of influence on the dustiness of various sources of pollution (open ground, traffic flow intensity, road surface, etc.).