A new instructional guide on affordable and effective landscaping has been developed by ASAU in collaboration with Sinet Spark

Anti-dust program
This “green” handbook is based on research conducted on a small plot of land located on Petr Alekseev Street. Specialists from the Agrarian Technology University assessed key types of planting and care techniques and practices, as well as selected grass-seed mixtures, and flower bed designs. 
Sinet Spark Foundation provided financial support for the project, enabling a thorough analysis of the present-day state of the compositional components of all the landscaping elements. 

Technically, the experiment was divided into three phases. The first step was to evaluate and analyze the selected site. The second step involved preparatory work for amenity planting based on the earlier research findings. The third step includes monitoring and complete automation of on-site irrigation processes starting in 2023. 

The first and second phases of the comprehensive soft-landscaping plan have been successfully completed. ASAU faculty and staff have commented on the innovative features of the research findings that have been implemented. 

The executive editor of the publication Reconstructing and Creating Planted and Landscaped Areas in the City of Yakutsk Urban District is Vasily Chichiginarov, Associate Professor of Agronomy and Chemistry at the Faculty of Forestry and Land Management (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences). 

Specialists from the Agrarian Technology University are confident that the new publication will prove a reliable source of knowledge for students, as well as specialists from organizations and enterprises involved in amenity planting and landscaping efforts in their native city of Yakutsk.