Information about the air quality in Yakutsk is now available on Ykt.Ru website

Anti-dust program
On Ykt.Ru website there is now a widget of the international platform for measuring atmospheric air pollution IQAir.

The widget shows the AQI air quality index in the city according to the IQAir website and is located in the menu on the main page of the portal.

All indicators on the widget are updated every two hours, as well as on the IQAir website .

The IQAir website collects data on the concentration of PM2.5 particles in the air, a pollutant that is often considered the most dangerous for human health.

We should recall that the data of the city of Yakutsk appeared on the IQAir platform thanks to the Sinet Spark project. As part of it, IQAir Air Visual Pro air quality sensors were purchased, which can register the concentration of suspended particles PM2.5 and transmit data from them to the Internet in real time. At the moment, three public sensors are installed in Yakutsk: in Glukhoy alley, the intersection of Dzerzhinsky - Lermontov and Khatyng-Yuryakh highway.