Voting results: users of Ykt.Ru have chosen the best drawing for the dome in Oktemtsy

Dome technologies
Users of Ykt.Ru chose a drawing that will be placed on the facade of the dome of the children's sports ground in Oktemtsy. The voting results will be taken into account when choosing the winner.

The voting, which was held from April 23 to 25, involved four works that fully met the technical requirements of the competition. A total of 14 applications were received.

During the inspection fictitious votes were annulled by specialists of the technical department of the portal Ykt.Ru. As a result, the voting results have changed slightly. It should be mentioned that each registered user of the portal could vote only once.

The majority of votes according to the results of the Internet voting was scored by Belolyubskaya Akulina Sergeevna. 622 people voted for her.

In second place was Karataeva Nadezhda Ivanovna, who scored 586 votes.

Anna Grigorievna Alekseeva is in third place, 34 people voted for her.

The fourth place was taken by Lena Dmitrievna Tarabukina, who has 33 votes.

It should be also mentioned that by the autumn of 2021, an experimental children's sports ground will be erected in the village of Oktemtsy and a PVC dome with a size of 25x17 meters on a wooden frame will be built above it. The site will be designed and funded as part of the Sinet Spark program for the study of dome technologies. It is planned to create a structure that will allow maintaining a more comfortable temperature in winter on the children's and sports grounds under the dome.