New residents moved into the house under the dome of NEFU and Sinet Team

Dome technologies
A new family lives in a domed house designed by scientists from Northeastern Federal University and Sinet Team, the press service of the university reports.

Residents told about what made them participate in the experiment and how the adaptation is going.

A resident Ayyyna Efremova said that they live in the house with her husband Alexander, one-year-old daughter and a cat.

"When we heard about the house under the dome, we became very curious, and we certainly wanted to become the very family that will live in it. We've been living here for three weeks now. The house inside is absolutely no different from other private houses. But in the windows we see a dome and bare ground without snow, which is unusual for our winter," says the participant of the project.

As Ayyna Efremova pointed out, life has not changed for her and her daughter, since they had lived in a private house before.

"As for my husband, now he heats the boiler with coal every day and refuels the generator so that there is electricity in the house. It takes a lot of time to get to work and back, but we do not consider this an obstacle, because many people live far from the city. I am currently at home taking care of a child. We tell about our life here on the Instagram page @dome_yakutia," she shared.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Motor Transport Dmitry Filippov, the new family has adapted to new living conditions successfully.

"On March 24, it’s been three weeks of the most critical period of their residence. We were afraid that they would not cope and would give up, but they survived. The first volunteer broke up with his girlfriend. For one person it is more boring and more difficult to live alone, especially there. Back in mid-February, two weeks before the eviction, Vitaly warned that it was necessary to find a replacement and he was going on a long vacation. We decided that two of the spare families would not be suitable due to the need to assist in the experiment: the second family of bloggers do not have a car, the third lacks skills and physical conditions," the dean of the Faculty of Motor Transport explained the reasons for the replacement.