The NEFU researcher's lecture on the "House under the Dome" was published on the official channel of the TEDx Talks scientific project

Dome technologies
30.8 million subscribers of the official YouTube channel of the global scientific project TED/TEDx - TEDx Talks can watch the speech of the Dean of the NEFU Faculty of Road Transport Dmitry Filippov, the press service of the university reports.

This is a lecture about the joint project of Northeastern Federal University with Sinet Group "House under the Dome".

"For me and the university in general, it is an important moment. Through this platform, we announced to the whole world about our project and the scientific potential of NEFU. The project may be of interest to industrialists, scientific organizations, venture funds that could invest in its scaling. The project is coming to its completion and after drawing up the final scientific and technical report, we will issue final recommendations, the result of which may be a much larger dome," Dmitry Filippov said.

Dmitry Filippov is one of the speakers of the TEDx Yakutsk conference, which was held in Yakutsk on April 10. The conference was attended by seven speakers from various fields, including biomechanics, architecture, ethnography, art. The conference program was also attended by speakers who spoke about human capabilities, how ideas and aspirations can change the world.