Sinet Spark to build new dome and children's playground in Oktemtsy. Deadline extended for Dome drawing contest

Dome technologies
The best works selected by the organizers will be presented on the website News.Ykt.Ru where you can vote for your favorite drawing. The winner will be selected based on the voting results and awarded a prize - a MacBook Air.

By the autumn of 2021, an experimental children's playground will be built in the village of Oktemtsy and a PVC dome with a size of 25x17 meters on a wooden frame will be installed above it. A heat source — a gas convector - will be brought inside. The site will be built as part of the Sinet Spark program for the study of dome technologies, methods of their application in the conditions of the cryolithozone and extremely low temperatures. It is planned to create a structure that will allow maintaining a more comfortable temperature in winter on the children's and sports grounds under the dome. The results of the experiment will show how comfortable the temperature inside will be in the cold season, and whether it will allow children to play and do sports in winter.

As the experience of the house under the dome near Tulagino has shown, the temperature in it is warmer on average by about 8 degrees, at lower temperatures - up to 20 degrees (for example, in February 2020, when it was -40°C outside, it was -20°C under the dome). In general, the experiment showed that thanks to the dome in winter, the temperature becomes more comfortable. At the same time, the use of current technology is economically inefficient: the cost of this dome is comparable to the price of a house. As the diameter increases, the cost increases disproportionately and dramatically. It can be seen that if in the future domes are built over residential buildings or even entire blocks, then we need to look for ways to reduce the cost of technology. Also, NEFU scientists are still continuing their research on how permafrost behaves under the dome.

The next experiment from the Internet on the use of dome technologies will be their construction over non-residential infrastructure facilities with the supply of a heat source. The project of a new dome in Oktemtsy, including the purchase and installation of a children's playground, will be implemented and financed by Sinet Spark as a gift to the children of the village.

Sinet Spark has announced the drawing contest to place the best works on the facade of the public dome. Detailed terms and conditions can be found in the competition regulations.

The works are accepted from March 25 to April 19. The organizers will select the best works that meet the technical requirements for further voting on the website News.Ykt.Ru. The organizers will choose one of the drawings with the highest number of votes to be placed on the facade of the public dome in the village of Oktemtsy, Khangalassky district. The author of this drawing will receive a prize - a MacBook Air. We are waiting for your submissions!

Preliminary design of the dome platform.