Hear the “Terrestrial Voices”: the past and present of the peoples of the North are intertwined in virtual space

The unique project for Yakutia was launched online in the beginning of February, which is an online platform “Terrestrial voices”. The News.Ykt.Ru editorial has dived into an amazing mix of music, theater and other arts, then surfaced, and hurries to share its impressions with readers.

What is “Terrestrial voices”

“Terrestrial voices” is a project which was created and implemented by the team of AyarKut foundation for the support of contemporary art.

The idea was to introduce the inquisitive internaut to the diversity of contemporary art. But not in the format of "see pictures" separately, "listen to music" separately, "evaluate the film" separately, but in a kind of intricate and bizarre interweaving of various genres and styles.

The project offers users the opportunity to experience an unexpected and amazing experience: here you can listen to the sounds made by ancient mammoths and tracks of the stars of the golden era of Yakut hip-hop; hits of modern Yakut cinema and video experiments by videographers are available here; the classical Yakut theatrical tradition and avant-garde productions of representatives of the new generation are side by side.

In general, it is difficult to explain this within this publication, it is better to experience it yourself, visit the “Terrestrial voices” website, choose interesting phenomena for yourself and click the Play button.

What cultural artifacts are available on the project's website

At this moment, the users of the "Terrestrial voices" can get acquainted with the following projects:

  • mixtapes of Russian musicians interpreting Yakut musical heritage and olonkho culture;
  • podcasts from the "Culture of Yakutia";
  • recordings of performances of the Sakha Academic Theater named after P.A. Oyunsky and the AGIKI Educational Theater;
  • video recordings of the P.A. Oyunsky Literary Museum and the Olonkho House of Megino-Kangalassky district;
  • programs of films and video art about the life of indigenous peoples of the world;
  • the works of the artists of the international online exhibition "Rooms for Voices", dedicated to the study of the voice as an artistic instrument.

What else will be interesting in the "Terrestrial voices" project

In addition to permanent "expositions", "spot" events are also planned. At this moment, the poster for February, March and April looks like this:

  • From February 14 to 28, the program "Breakthrough" will be held by Sergey Anashkin, a researcher of modern Asian cinema, the author of the book "About films of Far and Near Asia".
  • From March 1 to March 15, check out the program of experimental films "See between the lines" by Dmitry Frolov, curator of MIEFF.
  • The Voices and Visions program of Sardana Savvina, producer and director of the Sakhafilm film Studio, is planned from March 16 to 31. Here you can learn about the colonial past of the Arctic states and better understand the problems of their self-identification and national identity.
  • From April 1 to April 14, a program of films from the video artist Svetlana Romanova will be held, which will invite the viewer to pay attention to complex intertribal relations and how these stories are told from a female point of view.
  • We also recommend visiting webinars from Radio Olonkho and open-toks of all curators of the project.

News.Ykt.Ru editorial will monitor the development of the “Terrestrial voices” project and promptly inform the Yakut people about its most interesting events.

Author: Yuri Yakutskii

Source: News.Ykt.Ru