A new look at inspiration. The collection of applications for participation in the joint project "Sinet Spark" and art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya has been opened

The Open Call of the unique creative project TAG Yakutia, which has received a new name — AYARKUT, is announced.

The new name "Ayar Kut" is translated from the Yakutian language as "inspiration". This is exactly what the project should be for Yakutian creators, whose names thanks to it will become open to the whole world, the organizers are sure.

"Due to the great interest in the project from the international community, we decided to give it a Yakutian name in order to carry the Yakutian culture into the world starting with the name. But the main objectives of the project remain the same: attracting and supporting talented artists, training new professional staff, writing the history of art in the region, involving private and public spaces, international cooperation and exchange," says the main inspirer of the project Nadezhda Zinovskaya.

Open Call can be attended by artists or groups of artists over the age of 18 who work with painting, sculpture, graphics, photo and video, installation, performance and modern dance, theater, self-publishing (zin-culture), sound art or art & science (the field of contemporary art, whose representatives use various conceptual foundations, research methods and the latest technologies in the production of their artistic works - ed.). To participate in the selection, you must send a portfolio and a description of the future project.

Project submission form:

* CV portfolio (translated from Latin. “curriculum vitae” — "the course of life", implies a more voluminous document than a classical summary - editor's note);
* Artist Statement. A brief written description of the artist's work, designed to give the viewer an understanding of the work;
* biography of the artist;
* concept and description of the project (only PDF presentation format is accepted for consideration).

Within the next month, everyone can send their applications for participation in the project by e-mail:

You can follow the development of the project through the page of art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya in the social network: @nadezdazino

Photo: @cube_moscow