AYARKUT Yakutia. The collection of applications from creative Yakutians for participation in the project "Sinet Spark" and Nadezhda Zinovskaya has been extended

The collection of applications for participation in the AYARKUT Yakutia creative project has been extended until June 3. The project was initiated by the project organization "Sinet Spark" and art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya to promote and open the world of Yakutian art.

Nadezhda Zinovskaya is one of the best art businessmen in Russia, the founder of the Cube.Moscow art platform. Nadezhda is sure that it is time for Yakutian artists to start developing their careers. Collecting applications will help determine what Yakutia has to offer the world. After getting acquainted with the works of the participants, the organizers will help the artists with promotion at the Russian and then at the international level.

AYARKUT Yakutia includes all possible formats and art directions. Artists or groups of artists over the age of 18 who work with painting, sculpture, graphics, photo and video, installation, performance and modern dance, theater, self-publishing (zin-culture), sound art or arts & science (the field of contemporary art, whose representatives use various conceptual foundations, research methods and the latest technologies in the production of their artistic works - editor's note) can apply and take part in the project. To participate in the selection, you must send a portfolio and a description of the future project.

When submitting a portfolio, do not forget to specify the purpose of your projects, as well as what new things you bring to art with your creativity. It is important that the artist understands why he is in art.

Project submission form:
* CV portfolio (translated from Latin. “curriculum vitae” — "the course of life", implies a more voluminous document than a classical summary - editor's note);
* Artist Statement. A brief written description of the artist's work, designed to give the viewer an understanding of the work;
* biography of the artist;
* concept and description of the project (only PDF presentation format is accepted for consideration).

Applications will be collected from May 20 to June 3. Applications are accepted from everyone by e-mail:

It should be noted that by the end of 2021, another direction of AYARKUT Yakutia will open — an educational program for art managers. Closer to winter, a separate Open Call (acceptance of applications — editor's note) will unite representatives of creative industries: photographers, videographers, designers, architects, as well as all those who want to develop business in these areas.

You can follow the development of the project on Instagram: @ayarkutyakutia

We also invite all art lovers to a free online lecture by Nadezhda Zinovskaya, which will take place tomorrow, May 21, at 19:00. Topic: "An artist's career, how to become famous and in demand in Russia and the world". What is an artist statement and why without it your work will not be of interest to professionals? How and to whom to sell your work? Who is an art manager and what professions are in demand in this field today? At the lecture, you will receive clear, simple answers to these and other questions and it will become clearer to you how the system of sales and promotion of art in Russia and the world works, how an artist can integrate into it and be successful. You can sign up for a lecture at the link.

More detailed information and the Position of the competition can be found at the link.