Presentation of Tag Yakutia project to take place on April 14 in Yakutsk

Tag Yakutia is a joint project of Sinet Spark and art manager Nadezhda Zinovskaya. The presentation of the new creative initiative will take place on Wednesday, April 14, from 19.00 to 21.00 at the bar Barmeister on Kirov Street, 18a.

Admission is free for everyone. Artists, representatives of creative professions, students, city administration, mass media, activists, social activists, bloggers, and everyone who is interested in Tag Yakutia ideas are invited to the event.

It should be reminded that the Tag Yakutia project is designed to create a base for the creative economy in the field of art in Yakutia. Its inspirer is an art manager, the founder of the Cube.Moscow center Nadezhda Zinovskaya. She is certain that the program will help the talented and educated youth of Yakutia develop not only in the field of art, but also in the creative industry.

"Speaking about the directions and development in the field of art and culture, we touch not only artists, but also the activities of galleries, curatorial and art work, art criticism, and many other areas. The program will be connected not only with one art, but in general with the creative business. This includes painting, design, architecture, and much more. We will create a platform, and a grant program for people who are ready to study and develop their creative business. This will help them to assess their capabilities more boldly and more broadly. Tag Yakutia will provide new opportunities for artists, curators, art managers, owners of creative businesses or people who are just going or dreaming to devote themselves to this field. Promotion will be one of the directions of the program, but we will not limit ourselves to this. I want to involve and interest them so much that working in the field of art becomes their dream and mission in life," Nadezhda Zinovskaya noted.

The author of the project is already in Yakutsk. Nadezhda Zinovskaya conducts lectures in educational institutions. Recently she met with students of the Yakut Art School.

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To learn more about the event:
+7 (911) 229 3161 - Elena Pers,

Nadezhda Zinovskaya at the Yakut Art School